Carolyn Heller Baird
CMO Study Global Director, IBM Global Business Services

Carolyn Heller Baird is the Global Research Lead for CRM with IBM’s Institute for Business Value (IBV) and the Global Study Director for IBM's inaugural 2011 Chief Marketing Office Study. The IBV, the global think tank for IBM Global Business Services (GBS), is focused on researching critical business trends to provide strategic insights for clients and the marketplace.

In her current role, Carolyn leads the development of IBM thought leadership for CRM/customer experience global trends. A seasoned business consultant, Carolyn specializes in multichannel customer experience strategies, digital media development and marketing communications.

Carolyn has been with IBM since 1996. Prior to joining the IBV, she was the Customer Experience Lead for CRM Strategy with GBS Financial Services, where she helped design IBM’s Customer Experience Strategy offerings. Prior to that role, she was an Executive Consultant and Manager/Global Lead for Content Strategy with IBM Interactive where she established the content strategy competency for IBM globally. Before joining IBM, Carolyn worked as a Creative Lead/Managing Editor for boutique communications firms.

Carolyn has worked with IBM’s top accounts across all sectors, with a recent focus on digital transformation projects for banking, insurance, distribution, health care and government. She can be reached at