Carolyn Ossorio

Author, 'Soap for Hippies'

I'm Carolyn Ossorio, also known as Pippimamma: mom to five who is also an author, reporter, wife, blogger, cooking host, podcast and video host.

The inspiration for my moniker of Pippimamma comes from that childhood icon, Pippi Longstocking, an unconventional, playful, questioning character... seeker of truth doing what her heart tells her to do, often in an unconventional way and never listens to naysayers!

I call myself Pippimamma because I try to embody that spirit of in my life...not getting caught up in what other people are doing but what feels right. Wherever that story leads me I am compelled to tell it.
Whether it’s writing or cooking I always serve up a generous, authentic portion of inspiration—family style—to feed our dream appetites.

I share stories of people, whether it’s an artist, entrepreneur, restauranteur, stay at home mom or politician. The folks I interview have one thing in common: people doing innovative, creative things that benefit our community and the world...outside the cookie cutter.

You can find out more about Carolyn Ossorio on her website, www.pippimamma.com
You can also find Carolyn on facebook.

Books by Carolyn Ossorio:
Soap for Hippies