Carrie Severson
Carrie Severson is a writer, lover, lighter, trainer, recovered burnout on a mission to support others and their dreams.

Carrie Severson has always been connected to words. As an empath, she didn’t fit in early on in life. She was bullied as a child and had low self-esteem as a result. So she turned to the make believe world of storytelling.

She declared herself a writer in her late teens because she wanted to make a difference in the way women treated other women. Her goal has always been to bring harmony to light and help people support one another.

She reaches her personal goal in life through her work as a writer and as a storyteller trainer. She created an online creative writing / public relations / marketing course to help business leaders get their own personal stories published.

She has been a published writer for nearly 20 years. Her byline has appeared in Redbook.com, The Huffington Post, OnMogul.com, The Arizona Republic, So Scottsdale, and many more.

In 2011, she launched an empowerment organization for girls called Severson Sisters. The mission is to inspire girls to live more authentically. Carrie and her team of advisors wrote a series of bestselling workbooks called the Super Girl Guide.

By the end of 2013, Carrie had been honored for her work with Severson Sisters in Glamour magazine, selected by USA Network and NBCUniversal as one of the 2013 “Characters Unite” award winners and was also inaugurated on her high school Wall of Recognition.

As a result of the major growth the nonprofit endured, Carrie burned out. She recovered on the back porch of her childhood home and has been sharing her journey as a recovered burnout ever since. Since sharing her burnout story life has been so much better. She now writes about happiness, men, empowerment, passion and purpose.

When she isn’t writing, or storytelling training, she travels, cooks, is a Pilates junkie and still sits as the board of director’s president for Severson Sisters.

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