Celinne Da Costa
Italian-Brazilian travel journalist + brand strategist couch-surfing the world to see where human connection literally takes me. More on TheNomadsOasis.com

I’m a freelance brand strategist by day, and an avid traveler and writer whenever humanly possible. I’m Italian-Brazilian, have lived in three continents, and traveled to 30+ countries. In my blog, TheNomadsOasis.com, I study cultures around the world and how travel helps us understand and improve ourselves.

I’m a big believer of the ruthless pursuit of dreams. That is why I’ve left my New York City life behind to follow my own: I’m circumnavigating the globe by couch surfing via my social network to explore how far human connection can literally take me. Throughout my journey, I will share insights on the power of our social network, social entrepreneurialism, and the importance of cultural strategy in today’s hyper-connected world.

I studied communication, culture, and behavior at the University of Pennsylvania and worked as a strategist in advertising. Follow me as I travel on Instagram/Twitter @TheNomadsOasis and Facebook /TheNomadsOasis.

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