Chandresh Bhardwaj

Chandresh is the founder of the globally spread Break The Norms Movement, with locations where Chandresh meets with clients in New York, Los Angeles, New Delhi and Amsterdam. Hailing from a family of traditional Indian gurus, Chandresh Bhardwaj currently conducts talks all over the globe in many countries including Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Hong Kong, India, Belgium, Canada, and the USA. In addition, Chandresh recently founded the non-profit Uncensored Spirituality Foundation, to spread spiritual awareness globally among those who don't have the resources.

Chandresh’s most unique aspect lies in the fact that he’s very well attuned to the modern world as well as the sacred spiritual world. Chandresh went to the prestigious Zicklin School of Business in New York City, and has worked in the finance industry. Chandresh believes that we can be in the world but not of the world and by tapping into our infinite potential, we can create the perfect balance of abundance and peace. More information about Chandresh can be found at You can also download his app 'Uncensored Spirituality' on your android and apple phone and tablet.