Charles Karel Bouley

Entertainer, author, broadcaster, comic, satirist, singer, dog dad

Karel (Charles Karel Bouley) is a history-making radio and Television presenter, actor, singer, stage entertainer and author. He is the current host of the daily Karel Cast, heard internationally in a dedicated Karel Cast app for all platforms, on all streaming services like iHeart, iTunes, Spreaker, TuneIn, on networks like Progressive Voices and GCN Satellite as well as terrestrials. His weekly TV show, Karel Life In Segments on Free Speech TV (Dish, DIrecTV, Roku, LiveStream and online) will enter its groundbreaking fourth season of its innovative blend of reality and talk. His columns appear at the HuffingtonPost, Gay Entertainment Directory (GED) at his website Reallykarel.com and beyond. And he continues to release audio recordings of both original material and parodies. All that while touring with a two hour one man show, Karel Stands Up!, which will debut The Gay Homeland Tour in 2017.

His 20-plus year tenure in #1 talk radio in the top five ADI markets including Los Angeles (the #1 Talk Station in the USA KFI AM 640) and San Francisco (the #1 talk station on the West Coast KGO AM 810). He was part of the first openly gay couple to host a major market radio show with his late on and off air partner Andrew Howard on KFI as part of Karel and Andrew Live! In drive time. Upon Howard's passing in 2001 Karel went on to be the only openly gay talk host with a regular show at a major station in San Francisco, KGO AM 810 San Francisco.

As an entertainment reporter and film critic (having worked with KNX 1070 Los Angeles CBS, as a columnist for Billboard, The Advocate and others) he continues to work BOTH sides of the velvet ropes and red carpets.

Karel often appears on the cable and news networks as a guest and takes his special brand of satire to the stage in sold out comedy club and cabaret versions of Karel Stands Up!

Karel works both in front and behind the camera producing, directing and starring in Karel's Life In Segments, a co-production with Brandon Riley Miller. As a writer/director Karel produced, directed and wrote a marriage equality PSA, "Barbarians At The Gate Of Our Future," that won second place in GLAAD's "I Do" marriage equality contest, being aired at OutFest and on national television, featuring 12 youth and a cameo by Thomas Jefferson. He also cowrote two music videos for the late Vesta Williams, producing many for international singer Thea Austin and co-wrote and co-produced his first two albums.

As an actor Karel became a series regular on "The Ultimate Revenge" produced by Woody Fraiser and starring Ryan Seacrest beginning in 2001 and lasting until 2003. This improv reality show blazed a trail for shows like "Punk'd" and was aired on SpikeTV for three seasons.

Karel's book of essays "You Can't Say That" is published by Alyson Press and his latest book, Shouting at Windmills, BS From Bush To Obama Is available at Amazon.

As an activist, Karel blazed a trail in the marriage equality fight in California. When Howard died, Karel spoke before the state legislature about expanding GLBT rights of Domestic Parnters. He would then sue for wrongful death and malpractice when Howard passed away unexpectedly and when that was dismissed for standing Karel went to the appellate court and expanded GLBT rights when the justices said Domestic Partners did have the right to sue for wrongful death.

He is currently single and does his shows from his TuffStudio at the home they shared, Park Howard, in Long Beach, CA. He is joined there by his dog #EmberTheLBCPup and Esther the flame point Siamese. In fact, his TV show is filmed at Park Howard, as are other films and TV. Paintings are completed by artists in the living room and photos in the garden. It's become a West Coast equivalent of Andy Warhol's Factory.