Charles Russell
Cast member of MTV's "The Hills"

Charles Russell, a fifth-generation Los Angeles native, will be writing about his hometown including but not limited to: traffic short cuts, general annoyances, food, people, places, and all things uniquely LA. Widely recognized as a cast member of MTV's "The Hills", Charlie can usually be found whispering snarky advice in a friend's ear, impressing young fashion models with parlor tricks, surfing in a neon wetsuit, writing genius manifestos, or winning at darts and ping pong.

He currently resides in his grandmother's 20's-era pool house in Windsor Square, where he conducts most of his business via speaker phone while listening to doo-wop vinyls and pruning the succulents. A self-described Scorpio, Pragmatic Nihilist, Fiscal Conservative with a dash of Progressive Libertarian, Charlie has a Master's Degree in Film from Bond University in Australia and uses that knowledge regularly while commenting on You Tube videos. After bartending and waiting tables in New York for just the right amount of time Charlie is back in his hometown and ready to let us all in on the secrets of savoring the qualities of life unique to the Southern California coastal area.