Charlie Reina
Broadcast journalist

Reina has worked in broadcast journalism for more than 30 years as a writer, reporter, editor and producer. He entered the profession in 1970 as most broadcast journalists did in those days – at the bottom: in his case, a series of small-town radio stations in upstate New York, covering local events, from politics and government to police matters, criminal trials and sports. In 1975, Reina joined The Associated Press as a broadcast news writer and editor, eventually covering the media-and-entertainment beat for both broadcast and print wires. In1982, Reina moved to CBS Radio where he wrote, edited and produced newscasts for the network’s legendary news team, including Douglas Edwards, Richard C. Hottelet, Marlene Sanders and Charles Osgood. Reina made the transition to network television in 1984, joining ABC’s Good Morning America as a writer and segment producer. Among his personal GMA highlights: on-the-scene coverage of the 1989 San Francisco earthquake and, in 1990, Operation Desert Shield in Saudi Arabia. In 1997, after a brief free-lance stint outside “mainstream” network news, Reina signed on with the fledgling Fox News Channel to produce its media criticism show, Fox News Watch. He resigned from Fox in April of 2003.

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