Cheryl Saban Ph.D.
Author, Artist,and Advocate for women and children

Cheryl Saban Ph.D., is an author of 14 books, and an advocate for women and children. As a writer, she focuses predominately on social issues. Her book, "What is Your Self-Worth -A Woman's Guide to Validation," focuses on women's empowerment. Visit her website at www.whatisyourselfworth.com for more info.

Saban's other books include Soul Sisters, All About My Mother, New Mother's Survival Guide, Recipe for a Happy Life, Recipe for Happy Parenting, Recipe for a Happy Marriage, Sins of The Mother, 50 Ways to Save Our Children, Griffin's Play Group Children's Series, & Miracle Child.
Saban formed a non-profit organization and personally funds the website www.50ways.org to inspire community service. Cheryl Saban currently serves as Special Representative to the US Mission to the United Nations 67th General Assembly. She serves on several boards including Girl's Inc., & Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, and actively supports numerous organizations such as "Girls Who Code," that contribute to the empowerment & well-being of women and children in the United States and abroad. Her own SelfWorth Foundation has dedicated $10 million to funding women & children's well-being, education, health, and empowerment. Saban, mother of four, is married to Haim Saban, CEO of the Saban Capital Group.

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