Chris Owens

Chris Owens is an original partner of the Alaska heli-ski company, Chugach Powder Guides. He is also a partner and the vice president of operations for the global adventure sports travel company, EpicQuest. Born and raised in southcentral Alaska, Chris has a lifetime of experience sharing the immensity of the Alaska mountains and rivers with guests from around the world. Chris rides a very blurry line between work and play. As a result, on his off time he can be found doing the very same things he does at work, making powder turns in the mountains or probing a remote stretch of river with a fly rod in his hand looking for salmon or trout.

Chris writes about the adventure sports industry and the unique characters and locations that populate this space. In his travels, he has the unique pleasure of joining people as they broaden their athletic horizons and experience the best days of their lives. Chris often finds himself involved with a variety of film and media projects featuring the most recognized names in adventure sports.

Chris splits his time between Alaska and California as he attempts to keep up with the budding acting and music careers on his daughter, Lauren, and his son, Micah. After a life in some of the largest environments on Earth, Chris is discovering it's not only a mountain, river or massive glacier that gives you the perspective to understand how small you are. The constructs of the city can be equally humbling.