Christi Guthrie

Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker, Dandelion Chaser

A writer for several online blogging entities and has published articles for local and national magazines. She is the Co-Author of REACH! (#3 on Amazon’s Women & Business) www.thereachmovement.com highlighting ordinary people becoming Extraordinary with a little REACH! In addition to writing, her love for fashion has been showcased through pages of Fashion Magazines as a published fashion stylist. She is proud of being one of the founders The Black Box Movement: A unified effort to redefine beauty by empowering women to be comfortable being themselves while boldly chasing dreams. The Black Box Revolution gains momentum through the ‘Out Of The Box Talks’ and Catwalks for a Cause. She is passionate about giving back & serves on The Board for www.jmbigheart.org and volunteers for several organizations. Christi and her husband own Lily Mack Farm in Dracut, Ma. On the farm, city and country collide where she plants “seeds of change” as well as Christmas trees and flowers. They use the farm as a platform to raise awareness in the community for different causes and needs. She is a mother of 3; Lily 8, Mack 5 and Michael 4. She is a lifetime student of having a son with Down Syndrome and is mastering the technique of “Living Brightly!”

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