Christian Wolmar
Seeking the Labour nomination for the 2016 London mayoral election

Christian Wolmar is a transport expert, with 30 years experience as a journalist, commentator and author. He has also worked for Shelter (and is a devoted fan of QPR). He is currently the only declared candidate for the 2016 London mayoral election.

Christian launched his mayoral campaign in late 2012 with a focus on bringing fresh thinking to transport, housing and policing - all key aspects of the mayor’s work. He firmly believes that radical shifts in these areas are needed, and that the debate over London’s future needs to start now.

Christian has been a Trustee of Railway Children - a charity that helps homeless and destitute children - from its creation in 1995. He has also sat on the Board of several other organisations, including Cycling England and the London Cycling Campaign. Christian has three children and two stepdaughters, and lives in Islington.