Christopher Drozd
Fitness, Running, & Triathlon Coach; Sports Hypnotherapist; Author, "Fitness, Straight-Up."

Since 1983 I've been an independent personal fitness trainer, triathlon, and marathon coach.

My Runnin’ Nekkid seminars regularly draw groups of experienced and novice athletes and detail, for instance, why someone might want to run barefooted, and how to do it correctly and safely. Other talks include how it’s possible to develop more fitness with less effort using a heartrate monitor (Silver Bullet Fitness), and how to get more enjoyment from that expensive winter vacation by being mid-season fit for skiing or snowboarding from the first day on the hill (Ski Prep Spectacular).

My first book, FITNESS, Straight-Up: How to be a better athlete, or at least look like one is selling now on Through its 272 pages and 55 pictures readers discover exactly how they can best build greater strength, burn more fat, improve flexibility, eat to be lean and energetic, sleep soundly, comfortably run barefoot, successfully plan workouts, and leverage the often overlooked power of the subconscious mind.

Also, I developed the Sport Fit Card series of sport specific fitness programs for Golf,Tennis, Volleyball & Skiing in 1993 and sold them worldwide until the end of the decade. The Golf card in particular paralleled two heralded studies that brought the oxymoron of golf fitness to the fore. My published program predated the studies.

Both the American Heart Association's Train To End Stroke (2001 & 2003) and the Lymphoma & Leukemia Society's Team In Training (2005) marathon fund-raising programs hired me to safely and efficiently lead hundreds of their participants in Los Angeles through five months of conditioning, and across the finish line of their 26.2 mile foot race.

From 2004 and into 2008 I owned and operated a boutique fitness coaching & Spinning® studio in Santa Monica, CA where my novice and elite triathletes and runners, along with the area’s general exercisers, could work with me in a private environment using carefully selected, high-end equipment.

All along I've been writing adventure travel and fitness articles for publications such as Delta Airlines' in-flight magazine, Sky, the Four Seasons' Resort magazine, Four Seasons, Toyota motor company's Connections, the Santa Barbara Conference & Visitors Bureau and Film Commission magazine, Santa Barbara, Yogi Times, Inside Triathlon, Triathlete and Los Angeles Sports & Fitness.

My weight training expertise is regularly featured in print, electronic and televised media including the book, Bike for Life -- How To Ride To 100, the Los Angeles Times newspaper GQ, Men's Journal, Men's Fitness magazines, a number of world wide websites and televised local news as well as Discovery Health Channel's Fitness Fantasy. And I co-authored a short piece on running form in the book Dr. Romanov's Training Essays, Volume 1. As of June, 2012 you can read my blog here at the Huffington Post!

For more information please visit my website.

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