Christopher Mahoney
Director of the San Carlos Charter Learning Center

Christopher Mahoney is director of the San Carlos Charter Learning Center, California’s founding public charter school and one of the two longest-serving charter schools in America. The San Carlos Charter Learning Center serves children in kindergarten through eighth grade and is located in San Carlos, Calif. The school has set as its mission developing students into considerate, thoughtful, ethical, and engaged citizens.

Prior to joining the San Carlos Charter Learning Center, Mahoney was chief of Mahoney & Associates, an educational consulting practice that tutored children with learning differences, conducted psychoeducational test interpretation, advocated for special education children and provided other educational advising services. His career in education has spanned more than 15 years, including director and teaching positions in schools throughout the United States and in Belgium and Kuwait. Mahoney, a licensed principal in California and Massachusetts, received a master of education from the University of Massachusetts.