Clay Burwell
Owner of High Performance NYC

“One of the top 100 trainers in America”- Men’s Journal

Clay Burwell has been a personal trainer since June 1999 when he completed service in the U.S. Army’s elite 82nd Airborne Division. His celebrity clientele list and numerous magazine and TV spots are no accident. Clay works his people hard and he gets results. Founding High Performance, a personal training gym in N.Y.C., Clay devoted all his attention to his first love: changing people’s lives through fitness. Celebrity clients as well as world class athletes continue to seek his services.

High Performance is recognized as the most hard core, progressive private personal training facility in the fitness industry, assuring you that all staff is highly-educated and absolutely dedicated to helping all people perform at their highest physical level.

Burwell believes that by overcoming physical challenges in the gym you will realize how unlimited your potential is outside of the gym. A physically active person is a happy person. At High Performance, nothing makes us feel better than knowing how much our training positively affects our clients’ lives.

Clay Burwell is certified by the National Association of Sports Medicine and the International Fitness Professionals Association. His instructor certifications include: USA Boxing Coach (level 2), WKA Muay Thai Kickboxing (level 2) and Russian Kettlebell by Kettlebell Concepts.