Maria de Sousa

Posture Queen

Maria is a Posture Expert and the founder of Posture Queen. Maria teaches the Why, What and How of good posture and how you can improve the quality of your life and that of your children by understanding how posture works. Maria also brings the knowledge of posture to parents and teachers in schools and how they can introduce posture education to children in a non-disciplinary way from an earlier age so that children can concentrate on their dreams and prevent back pain. Another area where you can see Maria offering her knowledge of posture are in offices. Most people working in offices suffer from back pain, neck and shoulder tension due to poor posture. Understanding posture not only helps to address this problem but also reduce sick-leave. Maria’s mission is to raise awareness of good posture and spread the seeds of good postural habits throughout the world. Maria is a yoga teacher and a Feldenkrais Method practitioner trainee. She is also the creator of Wise Yoga, a gentle form of yoga aimed at improving mobility and posture. Her yoga style is based on the Feldenkrais Method. Maria lives in Herne Bay, UK.

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