Haikaa Yamamoto

Multicultural singer-songwriter and author

#HonorYourself #HonorOthers #HonorThePlanet, I live my life seeking to strike a balance between these three principles. #HonorYourself is about making music for me. It’s about my ability to listen to this voice within and expressing it creatively. #HonorOthers is my desire to live in a world where respect is the very least we can give each other. It is my belief that the appreciation of diversity is so much more stimulating than the attempt to homogenize thinking and behavior. #HonorThePlanet is to extend this sense of respect to the bigger home we all share, our planet. As an independent artist, I have released one album called “Work of Art” in 2011, a book named “What is Diversity?” in 2012, the singles “So Wise” in 2013, “Turn On The Dark” in 2014 and "Other Side of The World" in 2016. As a project creator/co-creator, I took part in “The Work of Art Global Project” in 2010, “Heart to Heart” in 2011, “PeacePage” in 2011, “The Right Challenge” in 2012, “Turn On The Dark” in 2014, "LiveLove" and "HelloMahalo Diversity Atlas" in 2016.