Craig Nabat

Inventor, Entrepreneur and CEO of iRestore and Freedom Laser Therapy

Craig Nabat, the CEO of Freedom Laser Therapy and the inventor of the FDA cleared iRestore Hair Growth System. This individual has dedicated his life to being a Relentless Entrepreneur and inventor, a person who has spent his days on this planet turning his ideas from just thoughts…into reality. Beginning in 2003, he launched Freedom Laser Therapy and became one of the United States’ pioneers using low-level lasers to assist people with quitting smoking. He evolved his ambitious pursuits to inventing, iRestore, a pain free and noninvasive low-level laser hair therapy medical grade device to protect and re-grow a person’s miniaturize and dormant hair follicles. Craig is beyond driven, overly passionate and has an intensive desire to pursue his dreams and help others at the same time. To learn more, go now to: irestorelaser.com.