Crystal Kadakia
Two-Time TEDx Speaker and Modern Workplace and Millennial Expert: Keynote Speaker, Author, & OD Consultant

Crystal Kadakia is a two-time TEDx speaker, author, and consultant on Millennials and the Modern Workplace. Her company, Invati, works with organizations to modernize culture and organizational design for tomorrow’s talent. Her mission is for organizations and talent to create the new normal together through what she calls “talent driven organization design”.Because of the advent of digital technology, what we know as workplace culture today is ripe for disruption. And Millennials are a leading indicator of the changes that need to be made to remain competitive in the future. It's not just about generational diversity and Millennials are not just a fad.

Her background is in chemical engineering, training management, and Fortune 100 companies. She is the creator of the acclaimed training, Generation University, that has helped many learn how to work with different generations. She was named One to Watch by the Association for Talent Development and is the author of Your Career: How to Make It Happen.

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