Dan Onorato

A life-long Pennsylvanian, Dan Onorato was raised in a working class neighborhood on Pittsburgh’s North Side. He worked as a Certified Public Accountant before continuing his education at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, where he earned a law degree and met his future wife, Shelly.

Dan Onorato has made a career of standing up to the political establishment and demanding change. From his first campaign for City Council against an entrenched politician in 1991 to his grassroots-driven victory against an incumbent County Executive in 2003, Dan Onorato has taken on the status quo – and defeated it.

As Chief Executive of Pennsylvania’s second largest county, Dan has shown that change and reform are more than campaign slogans – they’re principles for governing. By putting principles over politics, Dan has established a record of cutting through red tape to help create next-generation jobs, reform government and give more Pennsylvanians hope for the future.

As Governor, Dan will find new and innovative ways to be smarter and more efficient. As Allegheny County Executive, and before that as Allegheny County Controller, Dan did just that – eliminated waste, consolidated government services and saved taxpayers millions of dollars each year. He took on members of his own party to reform the county’s political system by consolidating positions previously held by elected officials.

Dan has received national praise for helping to transform Western Pennsylvania – once a symbol for America’s declining manufacturing sector – into a hub for 21st-century jobs. Dan helped create an environment where next-generation jobs could be created – jobs in new energy solutions, the health care industry, technology and higher education. He has also supported programs to help women and minority-owned businesses succeed and grow.