Dan Persons
Film journalist

Bio, huh? I was born and raised in Queens, NY. Very happy baby; thought splashing in the bassinet was great fun; loved Beech Nut strained peaches but the pureed lamb made me yak. Too far back?

Oh, okay. What's pertinent to this conversation is that I've been a film journalist for 20+ years. I enjoy mainstream film but think indie is where the interesting stuff usually happens, and I'm a quasi-auteurist, feeling that the people behind the camera -- directors definitely, but also writers, cinematographers, all of 'em -- have the more interesting stories to tell. In the articles and video reports I've filed for numerous outlets -- most recently the Independent Film Channel and Air America -- I've had the pleasure of talking with such innovative artists as Paul Verhoeven, Wim Wenders, Atom Egoyan, Phillip Noyce, and Francois Ozon. (That's an abbreviated list. Very abbreviated.)

Now I've decided to take what I love doing anyway -- talking to filmmakers -- and turn it into a weekly audio series: MIGHTY MOVIE PODCAST. Each episode will feature a relaxed, insightful, and entertaining conversation about an upcoming film release, as told by the director involved in its creation. With my ongoing access to some of the best talents working today, I'm hoping to bring people who love film the glimpse behind the scenes they've long been craving.

If you're one of those people, then start downloading -- there are lots of great stories awaiting. And it beats hearing me talk about how I wowed the crowd with my portrayal of the title role in my grade-school production of THE WIZARD OF OZ.

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