Danielle Robb
Executive Producer and Host of A Place in the Sun

Danielle Robb is the Executive Producer, visionary and host of an eclectic reality series based on the adventure of finding a home abroad. Her American version of A Place in the Sun debuts on Discovery’s Velocity network this Fall, giving us a new spin on the #1 property show in the world.

A Place in the Sun is dedicated to empowering others to transcend boundaries in their own lives by discovering a greater world of possibilities. Injected with Danielle’s own off-beat humor, style and tone, the program showcases the diversity of lifestyle and culture throughout a variety of international locations. Each episode involves a customized property search for a client or couple and reveals the actual challenges, conflicts and often unpredictable conclusions of Danielle’s quest to match their criteria to the realities of relocation abroad. The first season takes viewers on a breathtaking voyage across the globe from Belize to Nicaragua, Mexico, Argentina, Greece, Croatia, New Zealand, Italy and beyond.

Prior to filming A Place in the Sun, Danielle was an established real estate investor and CEO of her own brokerage and development company, Bella D, created in 2005. While on a business trip to London in 2008, she discovered the UK phenomenon, A Place in the Sun, and set up a meeting with its creators. Danielle founded Handbook Productions in 2008 during a programming era saturated with contrived “reality” programming that pushed the envelope with cat fights and train wrecks. Her company seeks to establish a niche identified by a higher standard than much of what is currently filling the marketplace.