David Hawkins
Director, Climate Center, NRDC

David Hawkins is the director of NRDC's climate center. He joined NRDC as an attorney in 1971 and worked on air pollution issues until 1977, when he was appointed assistant administrator for Air, Noise and Radiation at the Environmental Protection Agency during the Carter administration. David returned to NRDC in 1981 and worked throughout the next decade primarily on reauthorizing the Clean Air Act. David was the director of NRDC's air and energy program from 1990 to 2001, until he became director of the newly-created climate center. David is a recognized expert on advanced coal technologies and carbon capture and storage, and is working with Congress to design a legislative mechanism to reduce global warming emissions. David has an English degree from Yale College and a law degree from Columbia University. He blogs on NRDC's Switchboard.