David Paulsen

David Paulsen is a regular contributor nowhere - unless you count those few remaining newspapers across the country to which he sends rancorous screeds in protest of whatever morning's bulletin happens to most annoy him. As proof of his fellow Baltimorean H.L. Mencken's maxim regarding the dearth of intelligence to be found in the American public, some of the editors of those struggling papers have been silly enough to waste ink on him. In years past, while writing for a living, he produced, wrote and sometimes directed a string of television series. DALLAS took up most of those years. Then there was KNOTS LANDING, DYNASTY and a CBS show he co-created and Exec Produced called DANGEROUS CURVES, which most of America never heard of. All this took place after a few years spent writing and directing documentaries and movie pictures in New York and Israel. He briefly worked as an actor too. One play on Broadway, a couple in London and with the Second City Company in Chicago. Nowadays he snorts his fire into letters to editors, and screenplays he's rarely paid for.