Dawn Burnett
Wellness strategist and founder, A New Dawn Natural Solutions

Dawn Burnett, CSA is founder of A New Dawn Natural Solutions, Inc. A Summa cum Laude graduate of Alternative Medicine from Everglades University, Dawn provides Wellness Strategies to those who are frustrated with their current health situations and are ready to embrace alternative healing solutions.

A regular fixture on the high-profile airways of national television, Dawn believes we can all access a healthier, more balanced life by using natural approaches for boosting our energy, purifying our eating regimes, and recalibrating the connection between mind and body.

Dawn's impressive roster of television and speaking appearances include NBC's TODAY Show, The Dr. Oz Show, FOX, and TBN. A published author of “True Confessions of the Heart" an inspirational autobiography, demonstrating how, through the use of natural medicine, readers can heal their lives from the inside out — just as she has done herself. Her forthcoming second book, "Connect, How to know if he is really your man" will be imminently released, shifting the focus to dating and personal relationships and putting Dawn's insightful voice at the forefront.

Ms. Burnett is an advocate for children's health, and is an ardent believer in "paying it forward." As such, Dawn has collaborated with a noteworthy recording artist and co-wrote a song. At the request of HTV, Dawn produced a video that she donated for use in children’s hospitals in an effort to raise awareness for childhood obesity prevention.