Debbie Galant
Co-producer of The Chemo Files, an award-winning podcast about having cancer and publisher of Midcentury Modern, a magazine at the intersection of age and ideas.

Debbie Galant is a journalist and novelist based in New Jersey. Her three novels, "Rattled," "Fear and Yoga in New Jersey" and "Cars From a Marriage," were all published by St. Martin's Press. Debbie wrote a humor column for The New York Times Jersey section between 1998 and 2003 and founded Baristanet, one of the first hyperlocal news sites in the U.S., in 2004. Since 2012 she has been director of the NJ News Commons, a foundation-funded news collaborative based at Montclair State University.

Debbie started Midcentury/Modern, a magazine that follows baby boomers, generational warfare and everything not boring about getting older, in December. The project is supported by J-Lab, a media incubator based at American University.