Deborah Rappaport

Deborah Rappaport is a partner in Skyline Public Works, LLC, and president of the Rappaport Family Foundation. SPW and RFF make investments in and provide operational support to entrepreneurial progressive organizations and individuals, with a particular focus on increased voter participation and increased progressive voices in the media. Skyline Public Works and the Rappaport Family Foundation provided funding and support, or helped found, many of the youth-vote efforts in the 2004 election cycle, as well as the main Hispanic-vote effort. Among Deborah's current projects are the start up of the New Progressive Coalition, an organization founded to provide support and collaborative assistance to progressive organizations and donors, and the Participatory Culture Foundation which is developing an on-line video distribution platform.

Deborah is also president of the board of the San Jose Museum of Art, a member of the Portola Valley (CA) School Board, and a member of the boards of several progressive organizations. She lives in northern California with her husband and three teenage daughters.