Denise Lisi DeRosa
Founder, Cyber Sensible, LLC; Tech Parenting Expert, Speaker, Wife, Mother

Denise Lisi DeRosa is the Founder of Cyber Sensible, LLC and a Tech Parenting Expert, Blogger and Speaker. Denise is an expert in online safety, media literacy and a frequent speaker on parenting in the digital age. Learn more at Cyber-Sensible.com

DeRosa is a married mother to three enthusiastic users of media and technology and understands first-hand the opportunities and challenges parents face in navigating the online world with their children. She hopes to impart the importance of media literacy, cyber safety and cybercivility for kids, teens and parents.

Denise has a Master’s of Arts Degree in Communication, Culture and Technology from Georgetown University. She is dedicated to empowering families with the tools needed to embrace the current social and digital technologies in meaningful, creative and positive ways.

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