Dilshad Dayani
Mother, Author, Speaker, Mindful Leadership Coach, CEO, Advocate & Broadcast Journalist.She is the founder and President of World Women Global Council

Dilshad Dayani is the founding president and CEO of the “World Women Global Council,” a global platform to empower women by engaging men, who facilitate the power of change. This unique model of advocacy to action-allowing women to be mentors, leaders, and builders of viable support system powers initiatives focused on education and economic sustainability. Her passion for leadership and commitment to the professional development of others make her a “Woman of Action.”Dilshad also serves as the founding Vice-President of advocacy for United States National Commission-UN WOMEN Dallas Chapter.

She has also served as a UN correspondent. Her mission and passion to impact disadvantaged communities started at the age of 13, when she tutored victims of child abuse in Pakistan. From a diversity advocate to a broadcast journalist, she produced research-based, award-winning bilingual radio/ TV talk shows running in its ninth year using media as a tool of mass education. Her passion to use traditional technology to empower immigrant families was cultivated when she researched mass education at Columbia University and created a nationally-run broadcast edutainment radio talk show leading to resource mobilization and communication tools.

She is also the founding president of the Lead 2 Empower institute: an impact driven content management body to support sustainable leadership, gender equality, and global diversity content management body.
As an executive coach, she has helped corporations and civil societies align multicultural work force for productivity, diverse mindset, and family balance. An international speaker and activist with 20 years of core work in social responsibility; she has been a dedicated and passionate women empowerment activist.

Dilshad Dayani also serves on local and national advisory boards, including NPR and KERA. She is the president of the National Diversity Council for women, global thought leader for Kappa Delta Pi, and has been a consultant for the UN on several projects. Her accolades range from media and academia to civil societies locally and nationally. She was honored the distinguished award for “Outstanding Mentor” by Women’s International Network, “Global Women Advocate” by Our World Media NY for her untiring efforts as an advocate, diversity coach, community leader, and broadcast journalist for minorities.

Crowned “Mrs. Dallas” by United America pageants 2011-2012, she has won the outstanding community service and photogenic awards. She is also the author of her best seller “Confrontation 9”(click)

She lives in Dallas, TX with her husband and two adorable sons.
www.dilshad.info & www.thewwgc.org