Dr. Cara Natterson
pediatrician, author, consultant, speaker, mom

CARA NATTERSON, MD, is a pediatrician, consultant, and New York Times bestselling author of multiple health books including "The Care and Keeping of You," a 3-book series with over six million copies in print, and the newly-released "Guy Stuff." A graduate of Harvard College and Johns Hopkins Medical School, Cara trained in pediatrics at University of California at San Francisco. She began practicing medicine in her home town of Los Angeles, joining Tenth Street Pediatrics in Santa Monica where she cared for thousands of infants, children and teenagers. Eight years later, Cara founded Worry Proof Consulting, a first-of-its-kind practice offering parents open-ended time to discuss the topics that doctors could no longer squeeze into regular office visits – everything from medical questions and biology basics to child development and parenting issues. Cara also began traveling the country speaking to both kids and parents about taking ownership of their health and wellness. Whether in the office or on the stage, she has a unique ability to make cutting- edge research understandable, even entertaining. Cara is as passionate about community-based programs and innovation as she is about health and wellness. She is the Chair of the Board of Starlight Children’s Foundation, a 30-year old charity that brings technology, entertainment, and joy to children in nearly every hospital in America. She is also on the Medical Board of Advisors for The Honest Company, and has held seats on the boards of Baby2Baby and The John Thomas Dye School. But more than any of this, Cara’s greatest feat to date is parenting her teenage daughter and her tween-age son with her husband Paul, a beloved cardiologist in Los Angeles.