Elea Acheson


Elea was born at home in Ohio in 1974. Her parents believed that children should be free to explore their worlds, and so most of her childhood years were spent wandering the oceans, forests, and mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

On Mother’s day in 2003 she gave birth to her only child, Vasu. Vasu lived until August 19th, 2009, when he died from kidney cancer. Forty-two days after his death, Elea bicycled 1,200 miles down the Pacific Coast Bike Route. Alone on the ocean’s shore, she began to write about life and grief and what it means to be connected and to love.

Please consider donating to her crowdfunding at Go Fund Me for her solo bicycle tour to circumnavigate the USA. She departs in May of 2016 and will cycle 12,000 miles from Oregon to New York to Florida to California and back to her hometown near Seattle. It is a quest to find the many roads to kindness.