Elizabeth Engel

Philadelphia Eagles Fan

Elizabeth Weaver Engel has been a Philadelphia Eagles fan almost since birth, learning about the gridiron at her mother’s knee during the Ron Jaworski/Dick Vermeil era. She’s been blogging about the NFL with a focus on the Eagles since the 2005 season. An association executive by day, she thinks the NFL Sunday Ticket (with the optional Super Fan package and Supercast) may be the greatest invention since the printing press. You can find her at Snarkin’the NFL (http://snarkinthenfl.blogspot.com/), her home base blog, syndicated at Chicks in the Huddle (http://chicksinthehuddle.com/), or decked out in midnight green, Yuengling in hand, screaming at the TV every Sunday from the pre-season through the Pro Bowl. She nurses a secret crush on Cris Collinsworth and would be willing to pay Michael Irvin money out of her own pocket to just go away.

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