Elizabeth Gavino
Author/Speaker/Certified Health Coach

Elizabeth Gavino is an author, speaker, and a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She found her true calling after spending two decades working in the health insurance field; she knew there was a better path to health than in the current disease management system.

As the Founder of Tasting Wellness, she is deeply passionate about inspiring others to have balanced and fulfilling lives.

Her book, Balanced Life Happy Life: 13 Weeks to Creating a Happier You, discusses the thirteen different relationships we each have in our lives she calls Soul Nourishing Foods™. It is through the balance of our thirteen Soul Nourishing Foods™ that we can find vibrancy.

She has written articles for The Huffington Post’s Healthy Living Section and has spoken to various groups. When she is not writing and speaking, she is creating a specialty clothing line, strengthening her relationships, and enjoying life.

Her book, Balanced Life Happy Life: 13 Weeks to Creating a Happier You is available now on www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com

She is currently single and living a full life in Hoboken, NJ.

Contact Information
Phone: (201) 659-7170
Email: info@tastingwellness.com
Website: www.tastingwellness.com
Follow her on:Twitter @tastingwellness and Facebook.com/tastingwellness