Emma Birchall
Head of Research at Future of Work Research Consortium

Emma is the Head of Research at the Future of Work Research Consortium, bringing a network of multinational organisations together each year to explore how trends in technology, globalisation and demography, will impact the way we work in the years ahead. Emma writes about how organisations and individuals will need to adapt, and speaks at conferences and in-company events on these topics. Emma manages the delivery of Masterclasses and events attended by senior executives from multinational organisations including Shell, Accenture and PepsiCo. Emma works closely with London Business School Professor, Lynda Gratton, supporting her in the facilitation of executive education programmes and international conferences.

Prior to this, Emma was a management consultant with Accenture Sustainability Services, and part of the Strategy Team at Transport for London. Emma’s academic achievements include a postgraduate degree in International Development from the University of Cambridge and a combined undergraduate degree in Business Management from the Rotman School of Management - University of Toronto and King’s College London.