Erica Gragg

Erica is known for teaching a very strong, yet playful "Vinyasa" flow practice. She is largely inspired by the journey of yoga, the subtle to the grand discoveries each individual makes through their practice, inviting students to have fun while experiencing their body in a whole new way through each unique practice. With classes always set to music, from tribal, to lounge to classic rock songs, students are able to find their own personal rhythm and expression through each asana. Inspired by dance, music and the breathe, along with complete awe for the human body, no two classes of

Erica's are ever alike. Additionally, Erica is ACE certified, having created time efficient and results driven workouts and fitness tips for publications such as Health, Self, Shape, Fitness, The New York Post, Newsday, in the United States as well as Red, The London Times, Daily Star, The Sunday Express and Healthy in the United Kingdom. Erica is the co-creator of the acclaimed fitness and lifestyle program, Bikini Boot Camp and is the author of Bikini Boot Camp- Two Weeks To Your Ultimate Beach Body.

Erica's is able to expand her passion for fitness and travel with Escape To Shape, attracted by the opportunity to travel and experience new cultures while pursuing her passion, teaching. Erica finds inspiration in each location, and rewards in not only the reshaping of bodies, but also the expansion of minds that happens on each trip.

Erica has a lightness in her step and a passionate outlook towards life. She strongly believes that each and every person can make a difference, even in the seemingly smallest of ways, and that life is meant to be lived & enjoyed, each and every breathe to the fullest.