Evan Greer
Campaign Director of Fight for the Future, radical queer singer/songwriter, parent, lover and fighter. She / hers pronouns please

Evan Greer is the Campaign Director of Fight for the Future, the viral digital rights nonprofit best known for organizing massive online protests like the SOPA Blackout, Reset the Net, and the recent Internet Slowdown for net neutrality. She's been a Boston-area activist since high school working on issues ranging from LGBTQ empowerment to freedom for Arab and Muslim political prisoners. Before becoming Fight for the Future's Campaign Director, Evan toured internationally as a singer/songwriter and workshop facilitator, sharing stages with greats like Pete Seeger, The Coup, and Billy Bragg. Late historian Howard Zinn called her "an eloquent and energetic writer," and she has had articles published in The Guardian and Huffington Post. Evan identifies as genderqueer, is the proud parent of a four year old, and lives in Jamaica Plain.