Evan Richter
Co-founder, Love Spoils

Evan graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in Finance and US History. He came up with the idea for LoveSpoils one day while shopping with his wife at a department store. As Evan carried his wife’s purse and shopping bags, he noticed other men in a similar predicament. He then turned to his wife and asked if he was getting any points for shopping with her, to which she playfully responded, “Of course, honey.” It was at this moment that Evan was hit with an idea: what if every time his wife shopped, he could earn redeemable points to purchase the things he wanted, and vice versa. Later that night, Evan called his brother-in-law and close friend Matthew Louchheim about this idea. Matthew loved the concept, and from there, they worked to build LoveSpoils, the first relationship-based shopping and reward platform.

Prior to LoveSpoils, Evan worked as an investment professional at Insight Venture Partners, a now over $5 billion venture capital and private equity firm investing exclusively in the software and Internet spaces. At Insight, Evan originated and analyzed proprietary investments for the fund.