Donna Mott
FamiliesUnbroken.com I’m a blendermom meaning biomom and stepmom. Family, laughter, and a whole lot of grace.

Donna Mott, also known as the blendermom, shares about life with her wonderful husband and three children in their blended family at https://familiesunbroken.com/. She has written numerous articles and has been featured on sites such as UnveiledWife.com, First Magazine for Women, TheMighty.com, South Africa’s All4Women, FamilyFusionCommunity.com, and UpliftingFamilies.com. She was featured on the cover of Stepmom Magazine's February 2015 issue. Also during that same time, her youngest son at age 10 had brain surgery for Chiari Malformation. She is now passionate about spreading awareness of this incurable brain condition. At the end of the day, it's all about family, laughter and a whole lot of grace.

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