Fiona Citkin, Ph.D.

Founder and Managing Director, Expert MS Inc.

Fiona Citkin, Ph.D., a former Fulbright Scholar from Ukraine and a professional diversiculturalist, is a founder and Managing Director of Expert MS Inc., an intercultural business competence consultancy. Based on her professional experiences she published a book “Transformational Diversity: Why and How Intercultural Competencies Can Help Organizations to Survive and Thrive” (SHRM, 2011). Fiona has been recognized as a Top 2012 Champion of Diversity by diversitybusiness.com, a think-tank. She is now working on her new book, “A Second Start: How Women Across Cultures Make It in America and Contribute to America’s Well-Being and Cultural DNA”. The successful women-immigrants of the first generation are invited to get interviewed for the book reaching her at Fiona@AmericanImmigrantWomenSuccess.com.

In the course of her work Fiona got to know what people need most in terms of developing Inclusive Leadership and intercultural sensitivity to succeed in work-life situations. She now uses her vision and knowledge of best practices to help people and organizations define their best responses to evolving international business issues.

Fiona speaks three languages: English, Russian, and Ukrainian. After living and working in Europe (Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Austria, Great Britain, Switzerland, Canada) she now lives and works in Warren, NJ, USA, and can be reached at fiona.citkin@expertms.com.