Frederick J. Parrella
Professor, Santa Clara University

Professor Frederick J. Parrella has taught the Theology of Marriage for three decades at Santa Clara University, and every year, it’s the toughest course to get into. Dr. Parella grew up in Queens, went to Catholic schools and studied classical languages at Fordham. His career in theology started at age 8 when a nun wrote on the blackboard, “God always was. " Since then, Parrella has been exploring things of ultimate concern. He was a professor in NY, Ohio and Kentucky before moving to Santa Clara. He’s known as an excellent teacher, and his professional interests include the work of the great Protestant theologian Paul Tillich, Christian eschatology, and the theology of marriage. It is the course and his research that led him to have the perspective on Valentine’s Day he shares below. Let me know what you think. I personally believe it’s an important message, one I will be conscious of when with my wife this Feb. 14. Cheers, Bill