Gary R. Gruber, Ph.D.
Author, Educator, Theoretical Physicist

Dr. Gruber is recognized nationally as the leading expert on standardized tests and originator and developer of the critical thinking skills necessary for use on them. It is said that no one in the nation is better at assessing the thinking patterns of “how” a person answers questions and providing the mechanism to improve the faulty thinking approaches. His SAT score improvements with students have been documented to be the highest in the nation. Dr. Gruber’s unique methods have been used by Public Television (PBS), Sylvan Learning Centers, Grolier’s Encyclopedia, and are being used by school districts throughout the country, in homes and workplaces across the nation, and by a host of other entities. PBS claimed that he spreads contagious enthusiasm with his audiences. Most recently he has trained the University of California’s teachers to create programs for specific critical thinking and problem solving skills for the minority programs. Dr. Gruber, doctorate in Physics, has published more than 40 books with major publishers on test-taking and critical thinking methods, with over 7 million copies sold. At one point, three of his books were listed among the 30 top selling trade paperback books in the nation. The Washington Post called Gruber "America’s Super Genius". His lifelong mission is to get the nation to be passionate about problem solving and to develop and hone critical thinking abilities to last a lifetime. For more information visit