Ger Renton
Mammy, writer,fixer of scrapped knees and broken toys and an all round Elvis lovin' Irish girl

Geraldine is a mammy to three wonderful boys and a wife to a super nerd!
Geraldine has always loved to write;recently she began writing publicly about her unusual life.
In 2008 her eldest son,Ethan was diagnosed with a rare genetic life limiting condition called Hunter Syndrome.
Since then Geraldine and her boys have been slowly learning to live, love and laugh again.
Geraldine writes openly and honestly about her life with her boys and believes strongly that her humour is one of her strengths!
In her free time Geraldine loves nothing more than snapping family pictures, watching movies and writing.
Geraldine writes regularly on her own website geradinerenton.com http://geraldinerenton.com/

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