Gisela Voss
Brand Creator•Toy Maker•Dream Catcher

Gisela Voss is founder and creative director of DoodleDo, a design studio focused on creating brands and products that captivate. And sell. And give back. She has led multi-million dollar development for goods sold at retailers as large as Target and as special as Parents Magazine and the MFA, Boston. She sits on the board of Free The Children to which the B. toys brand she created donates 10¢ per toy. She also recently joined the board of Unite to Light where solar lights illuminate the lives of kids who live in poverty and off the electrical grid in places like Kenya and Haiti.

Nothing in her born-in-Peru-raised-in-five countries upbringing, or her charmed, award-winning professional life could have prepared Gisela for the cataclysmic loss of her 19 year old son in 2012. Born of that grief, Luke's Lights tries to make an impact that mirrors Luke's lightness of being. It gives light. Magical, healing, life-affirming light. To her family. And to those whose own families live in darkness.

She is a mom of three. Always a mom of three. One is a spirit now. Luke’s spunky "Dream Big and Do Bigger" shines on.