Graham Kittle
Partner/Practice Leader, Business Analytics, IBM

Graham Kittle is a Partner and Practice Manager of IBM’s Business Analytics and Optimization (BAO) team across Australia and New Zealand. In leading the BAO team, Graham consults with a broad range of organizations to build and develop strategies to improve business performance. He is also a Social Business advocate, working with organizations to uncover the opportunities available at the intersection of Social and Big Data.

Prior to leading the BAO practice, Graham was the Managing Partner for IBM New Zealand and previously held other executive and senior roles with IBM Australia, PwC Consulting and NCR Teradata Corp.

He has a significant background and focus on the Financial Services and Telecommunications Industries. With more than 25 years commercial experience throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia, the UK and the U.S., Graham has worked with many global organizations and clients.

He is a frequent presenter at industry conferences, talking about insights made available through analytics. Recently, he was the keynote at the 2013 Smarter Analytics I event, where he spoke about the need to integrate traditional data with new sources and types of information, such as from Social Media, to foster organizational transformation.