Honey Good

Founder of HoneyGood.com

Honey Good is a wife, sister, daughter, friend, mother of two, step-mother of one, mother-in-law to four and grandmother to 24, who affectionately call her Honey. After being widowed, remarried, surviving cancer and traveling the world, if there’s anyone that has a few insights to provide on life, it’s this woman!

Her site, Honey Good, is a collection of lessons learned, life advice and insights from not only her, but from a fantastic group of contributing writers, each adding their own spice to the recipe. Honey Good.com representing “a family tree of women” -- wives, mothers, daughters, granddaughters, mothers-in-law, daughters-in-law, sisters, aunts, cousins and girlfriends -- coming together to talk about what makes them tick as well as what they have in common. Honey Good discusses life experiences with wisdom, humor and intellect, enabling all to attain a "Honey Good Style of Life.”