Greg Archer

Author, Journalist, Humorist, Cultural Moderator, More ...

Greg Archer is an author, humorist, award-winning journalist, broadcast personality, and profiler of celebrities and advocates for change near and far.

His latest book, "Grace Revealed: A Memoir." chronicles his journey uncovering his Polish family's odyssey surviving Stalin's wrath during the 1940s and the under-reported events of more than 1 million Polish deportees sent into Siberia labor camps and the ripple effects that followed. ("Astounding and important. A spiritual and historical work that many will be talking about and embracing.")

Often sees 11:11 and asks for "signs" from The Universe (at large).

Twitter: @Greg_Archer.
YouTube / Web series: YouTube.
Email: greg AT gregarcher DOT com
Web:visit his web site.

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