Greg Frucci
Artist & Storyteller. Have you ever just wanted to take off? I did once. #ThriveTribe

I celebrate the most intense moments, even the ones I do not wish to re-live. A few years ago, I “took off” on an adventure with many self-created negative aspects of life surrounding me. While at sea alone, nature humbled and transformed my soul.

Storytelling is a strong passion of mine. Spending a few years on stage and in front of a camera has given me a fearlessness while speaking in front of many. With most real stories, relatable metaphors exist for all of us. The challenges I faced while alone at sea contain messages of hope many have found as a source of guidance.

I graduated with honors from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor of Architecture and worked as an Architect for over 20 years ending in 2003 when I was fired from my last job as an Architect. That was my own doing as I was quite a different human back then...another story of challenges faced alone.

I feel compelled to write about finding peace because of the transformation of self while facing intensity. While at sea alone, there is no place to "pull over". Life for many of us can be similar during moments of struggle. As in all of our lives, we face challenges which will create fear from time to time. I firmly believe when we face those challenges with peace in our hearts, we can overcome anything.

I published a book about the solo sailing adventure, Path of Three Hundred. Balboa Press, a Division of Hay House, published the Revised and Expanded Third Edition on May 18, 2015


"Improvise, Adapt and Overcome"
~the origin is unknown to me, yet my father taught the meaning

Headshot photo by Patricia Roseman. Used by permission.

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