Gulafsha Kumrulhoda Ansari
17-year-old winner of Julie Foudy's "Choose to Matter" contest

Gulafsha is 17 years old and has just completed her high school board exams in India (with lots of prayers and fingers crossed!). Gulafsha lives with her supportive parents and older brother in Mahim, a section of Dharavi, Asia's largest slum. They have encouraged her throughout her five years in Magic Bus and she now plays on the Magic Bus Girls Soccer Team in Mumbai. Through her hard work and dedication in school, family and community, Gulafsha has been able to represent Magic Bus at the 2010 FIFA Football for Hope and at the 2011 Julie Foudy Sports and Leadership Academy. She has taken a lifetime of lessons back from the Foudy Academy and has enjoyed sharing her learnings with other girls her age back home in Mahim and Dharavi.