H. Candace Gorman

H. Candace Gorman is the principal in the law firm of H. Candace Gorman. The firm concentrates in Civil Rights and human rights law. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a BA in Philosophy in 1976 and later attended law school, graduating from John Marshall Law School in January 1983. Attorney Gorman is a member in good standing of the bar of the State of Illinois, the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.
In 2004, Attorney Gorman argued and won a unanimous decision before the United States Supreme Court in Jones vs. R.R. Donnelley, 541 U.S. 369 (2004) in a difficult matter regarding the Statute of Limitations for § 1981 cases. In that landmark decision the Supreme Court changed the Statute of Limitations in § 1981 cases to four years (the federal default statute of limitations (28 USC § 1658) across the country.
Gorman has been representing two Guantánamo Bay detainees pro bono for more than three years. With no end in sight she shut down her civil rights practice to focus solely on getting her two clients out of Guantanamo, closing Guantanamo and bringing those responsible for and assisting with these particular war crimes to justice. Much of this past year Gorman has been living in The Hague, Netherlands where she was a visiting professional at the International Criminal Court. As A result of that experience she became involved in a start-up NGO the Oxford War Crimes Center (http://www.oxfordwarcrimes.org/) where she has accepted the title of Legal Director of Victim Representation. When her Guantanamo clients are free she hopes to focus on the rights of victims before the International Court. However, Gorman promises she will not forget her duty to do everything she can to bring the Bush administration war criminals to justice.