Han Shan

Born and raised in Baltimore, Han Shan is a human rights and environmental justice campaigner living in New York City. He is currently serving as a coordinator of the Clean Up Ecuador campaign for Amazon Watch. After serving as the WTO Action Coordinator in the lead-up to the historic 1999 demonstrations against the World Trade Organization in Seattle, Han went on to serve as Program Director of The Ruckus Society, where he trained thousands of grassroots activists in effective nonviolent action. The Washington Post called Han "one of the most visible figures of the protests against the WTO, World Bank and IMF." For more than ten years, Han has played a key leadership role in the Tibetan freedom movement, serving on the staff and board of Students for a Free Tibet and on the Steering Committee of the International Tibet Support Network. In addition to his human rights and environmental work, Han is a producer for the independent production company Rikshaw Films, creating award-winning documentary films and issue-driven content for television and the web.